Wednesday, June 18, 2014


 Tom loves big projects. A couple of years ago, he decided to add on a post and beam garage to our log house. Our plan was to build a three-car garage that could double as a sort of summer party barn. Of course, the hard part is, making it happen. Here's Tom on his trusty Kubota tractor with the beginnings of the barn/garage.

Next, the roof!

A photo of Tom and Brutus inspecting the work. Ah, it's shaping up just fine.

We decided instead of basic garage doors, Tom would make barn doors to keep the structure authentic.

Now, the party!

We invited around thirty people, ordered forty split chickens, and Tom built the BBQ pit. You know the saying: If you build it, they will come.

To top off the meat selection, Tom smoked several racks of ribs in his smoker. Guests brought pot-luck dishes to complete the meal, and we had plenty of drinks on hand.

Let the party begin! Of course, just as the guests arrived, a downpour began. No problem, everyone stayed safe and dry inside the barn. Tom, thinking ahead, had built a canvas topper over the pit where he cooked the chicken halves, so neither fire nor chickens got soaked by the rain.

A good time was had by all with the rain storm passing quickly and the sun coming out.

Guests mingled, drank beer and wine, all the while nibbling on appetizers. Notice the school house lights Tom hung in the barn found at one of many auctions we've gone to over the years. The wooden diner chairs you see in the photo, Tom found at an antique mall for just a few bucks each. They fit right in, don't ya think?

And now the food! Tom's chicken tasted delicious, and the ribs were gone in a matter of minutes. As  you can see, no one starved, far from it. The layout of the pot-luck meal was a veritable feast.

And so goes the story of Tom's garage project that now doubles as a party barn for sharing food and friendship. That's what country life's all about.

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