Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Early this morning I took photos capturing the peak of summer. So happy to have the Elephant Ears back. Love their giant jungle leaves that so resemble an elephant's ear. Mickey, my marvelous marmalade cat acted as my assistant this morning. He silently directed me to the best "shots." In some of them Mickey actually posed, I suppose a little miffed he's not able to take a "selfie" of himself. Enjoy the photos. With August comes the waning of summer, then September with cooler night temps and a farewell to the green green green of summer. 

Elephant Ears and Becky Daisies - Both gifts from friends, Mary Holl and Jenny Beard - Plants are the best gifts you can give to a friend!

Mickey getting a drink from the clay base of the Daisy pot

Selfie of feet! At 8:00 in the morning you really don't want to see the rest of me...
View through the breezeway. A favorite place for the dogs on a hot summer day.

THIS is my favorite photo of the day! Mickey looks like he's definitely in charge

Front Porch View - look at those amazing elephant ears!!!

For those who don't know - these little alien looking things are chimney toppers - the taller one on the left was bought at an auction - owners (Sheri and Fred Quick) said it was brought over from England and if you look down inside it, there's still soot from England!! Top (no pun intended) that one!

Calla Lilies! Aren't they gorgeous!! To the right you can see my new "rockin" roadrunner. My purchase at Lilyfest this year. 

About a year ago, I started collecting tin signs for the side of garage. While they aren't "old" they're okay by me. Most of these cost less than $20.00, while the really old ones go for much much higher. My goal is to fill the whole side of the garage! 

A little place to meditate. Mary keeps me company here. 
Tom built this playhouse and slide when the "kids" were little. The slide at the back side is actually the slide Tom used as a kid. 

This pie safe is on the back porch. One of our early "estate auction" finds. They don't have many estate auctions anymore, or at least not like they did thirty years ago. What fun it was to spend the day at an old estate auction. Over the years we've met many new friends that have now become old friends. By the way, the pie safe, pie cupboard, pie chest, was used from the 1700's through the 1800's (before ice boxes) to store not only pies, but bread and other perishables to keep the vermin off and away from the food. 

A view of the back porch that I've probably taken at least thirty photos but always love sitting here, watching the humming birds and taking in the wildlife. 

This little whirly gig Tom bought at a yard sale for $6.00. When the wind catches it, the barber starts cutting the guy's hair with what looks like a cleaver or an ax, I can't which. Too funny. Okay maybe the cleaver's a bit Saprano but hey it only cost $6.00. What a bargain!

A morning view of the Garden Cabin. Shhh had to be quiet and careful not to disturb the guests. 

I'm really super excited about moving my old computer downstairs and into the back bedroom. Separating the "cabin rental" stuff and my "writing" stuff has really pepped my attitude. When I'm in this room, I write....

Or...look out the window. 

Last but not least, looking down the driveway on this early morning in July, I feel blessed!! Hope you enjoyed the morning tour.
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  1. I'll never forget my first visit to your place Sherry. The feeling of peace and contentment that greets one upon sight of your cabin home and the other cabins nestled in the beautiful setting cannot be described. It's something that has to be felt, settled into. It's an experience that bears repeating. You've created an oasis of calm and tranquility for yourself and your guests. I'll never forget the quote that meets one at the door, something about making sure that one of the paths we take in life is of "dirt." Thanks for being a good friend and great writing buddy. AND for providing that wonderful dirt path to your home. Hugs.