Sunday, January 4, 2015


This winter, my major project is updating our web-site for Inn A Cabin My "web guy" thinks I need to "spruce up" the format, add new photos, etc. 

Going through photos I took last summer and grouping them to replace old photos is not an easy thing to do. I'm definitely not a professional photographer, so I'm constantly asking myself about a zillion questions: Are the photos inviting? Is the light right? Proportion? Angle? Contrast? Of interest?

Tom and I rent out two cabins to guests. The cabins are original log cabins, not kits. We want to provide guests with an authentic log cabin experience, a place where they immediately feel at home. Our motto is: "Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt." So true.

Garden Cabin

The original purpose for building the Garden Cabin was to accommodate visiting friends and family. Then, we got the idea of renting out the cabins to guests, given the fact that we're only a few miles from Ash Cave and within 8 miles of Cedar Falls and Old Man's Cave. We started this venture in 2006, and have made so many new friends over the years. Our guests take a step back into history and enjoy both the cabin and nature - without leaving behind some of the modern conveniences, such as a bathroom, electricity and an antique bed to crawl into at day's end.

In the Garden Cabin, I love telling guests that the floor in the sitting area/bedroom is part of the original floor salvaged from the 1840's cabin (Mill Cabin) that Tom dismantled and reconstructed as a second rental cabin on the property. This lovely wooden floor with it's bruised and worn surface, although more than one hundred years old, is still sturdy, functional and well used.

The sitting area/bedroom is cozy, many of the furnishings from a past era. We went to many auctions, buying items that had a story to tell. You know the old saying: They just don't make 'em like they used to. Well, it's really true,

The antique double bed in the Garden Cabin was purchased at an auction in southeastern Ohio. 

We wanted the kitchen in the Garden Cabin to reflect a kind of old-time farmhouse kitchen, We wanted to use old things, like the 1930's style kitchen sink complete with gathered curtain and the 1930's gas stove.

Garden Cabin Kitchen
Overheat loft bedroom in Garden Cabin
The overhead sleeping loft in the Garden Cabin with twin beds, Little House On The Prairie comes to life.
View of Garden Cabin Gazebo

The Garden Cabin Gazebo overlooks the woods and is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. In the summer Tom feeds the Hummingbirds. I think you can just barely see the "feeder" hanging from the gazebo. 

Another view of the Gazebo 

The Mill Cabin is an original 1840's cabin that Tom dismantled on another property and then reassembled on our property, adding an addition - kitchen and bathroom. 

Mill Cabin - Living Room (Checkers Anyone?)
The stained glass window in the photo in the Mill Cabin living room is part of the collection of stained glass windows purchased from an old school auction in Columbus. We loved working these colorful panes into the windows of all three of the cabins on the property. The blue cabinet in the photo was salvaged from the old 1840's structure. You gotta love things that have survived over 150 years! 

Mill Cabin - Brass Bed Downstairs

The antique Brass bed in the downstairs Mill Cabin is from a local estate auction in southeastern Ohio. 

Queen Bed in the Mill Cabin Loft

The queen bed in the Mill Cabin loft, although not an antique, looks quite at home there.  

Mill Cabin Kitchen - View #1

The Mill Cabin kitchen, although an addition, still has the old-time feel with the wooden floors and cabinets that Tom built over the sink area. 

Mill Cabin Kitchen View #2

Mill Cabin Kitchen - View #3

Mill Cabin Fire Pit (I can smell the hot dogs and  s'mores!)

View from Mill Cabin Front Porch with Amish Rockers

Side View of Mill Cabin Patio with Hot Tub

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt."
Catch and Release Pond

Saturday Mornings - Homemade Cinnamon Rolls for Cabin Guests!!!


Main House - Amazing Timber-frame Garage Tom built

Main House Front Porch and Swing

Main House Side Porch 
Living Room - notice my books spread out over the table!!

Tom standing in living room of Main House - Hmm that's my Miller Lite at the bottom right of photo)

Main House (Tom used a draw-knife on all the logs - Ask me how long it took?)

My Old-time Kitchen in the Main House - Wooden Countertops
Main House - Rope Bed in my daughter, Steph's old Room

My Woodland Friendship Garden

This was a really strange pinkish sunset. Tom looking up at the sky with the dogs at his side.

Front Breezeway to Main House


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    1. Thank you, Jill, for taking the time to comment. I really struggled over these photos, considering lighting, and all the other stuff that goes into taking a good photo. Also, remembering to check what's in sight of the camera - like a Miller Lite bottle. (big laugh)

  2. Beautiful photos of an incredible place.

    1. Thanks, Barb. I miss you up there in GC! Happy New Year!

  3. Great photos, very inviting, an ideal place for a writers retreat.