Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The best thing about living in Hocking Hills is having friends who love getting together to chat and EAT! Last Saturday we all met at Donna McKnight's farm for her annual October barn party. Her great eclectic style could easily grace the cover of Country Living at its finest. Her recipe for a good time is to decorate her barn with gently used furniture of every kind and shape to provide an open gathering space for family and friends. Note the wide, rough floor boards and beams. I could easily live here, although with no central heat, it could get a bit nippy in the winter. BUT on this particular sunny autumn afternoon, the weather was perfect! 
Our hostess, Donna McKnight (right), and our Garden Club Prez, Nina Haning

A couple more angles of the cozy sitting area in the barn. So inviting. I arrived at the party early to take photos of the interior of the barn.  
Love the lamp and stand made from an old coffee grinder
And the bookcases in the background!
Inviting table and blue painted chairs

The primitive chandelier hanging from a beam sets a homey atmosphere to sit and enjoy a plate filled with yummy appetizers and a glass of wine.  
A better view of the old barn floor.

Missy McKnight, Donna's daughter-in-law, making a toast to the night's festivities

Buffet table filled with a pot luck assortment of meats, casseroles, venison chili, vegetables. For dessert, I picked out one of Missy McKnight's delicious spice cookies with orange icing. Other desserts included apple pie, raspberry cobbler, chocolate chip cookies, and other delectable treats.

Bobbie Bishop is well-known in the community for your hard work and dedication to volunteering for many charitable events. She and her late husband, Bruce, began the annual Lilyfest celebration on the second full weekend after the 4th of July. Bobbi's current project is overseeing a group of volunteers who hand-paint bowls for the annual Empty Bowls, this year Saturday, October 24th. EMPTY BOWLS
Bobbi Bishop. Her next charitable project on the calendar: Empty Bowls

Linda King is our Hocking Hills southern belle. She grew up in Atlanta, GA, and for many years owned a spiral ham company and deli in Savannah, GA. The stories this girl tells can keep you spellbound for hours. Her father, Charles Weaver, now deceased, flew with Chuck Yeager (the guy who first broke the sound barrier) in World War II. Linda and her husband own and operate the beautiful Georgian Manner B&B located on Lake Logan. THE GEORGIAN MANNER

Linda King, Southern Belle

Belinda McClain (a childhood friend of Linda King) was visiting from Savannah, GA. She is truly amazing in that she hand crafts frames for paintings. Not just any ole frame. Exquisite frames. She explained that during the fifties and sixties many of the old frames were taken off major works of art and replaced by minimalist frames. Now, these treasured paintings are being re-framed with historically correct frames. Belinda is a master in her field. She currently has two of her frames hanging in the White House  MASTER SOLUTIONS

Donna's granddaughter, Marie

The guys drinking a beer and bonding, talking up the latest Buck's victory

Nina and Libby BFFs since grade school


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