Thursday, January 2, 2014

Log Cabin Morning

 Okay, this is what winter's all about in the country, right? I woke up this morning to this beautiful, gentle covering of snow on the ground and in the tree limbs. Add the smell of brewing coffee to the mix, the gentle tick-tock of the old pendulum clock in the stairway, and I could say it's a perfect winter morn.
 I'm still dressed in my pj's, looking out the front window overlooking the woods. Waiting for a deer or two to happen along the path below the house, but so far, none. Yesterday, Tom and I saw a deer up close and personal. One of its front legs had been injured. It was hearbreaking to think we could do nothing for the deer, knowing as we watched it hobble away that it would not survive any longer than the next preditor.
 This is a winter morning ritual for the dogs and cat. They love getting toasty warm by the heat of the Vermont Casting stove. Brutus, Cash and Mickey are great friends, especially in the winter when they can snuggle together for warmth. Spoiled, for sure.

 This is the view of the Garden Cabin outside the dining room window. Again, it's a winter wonderland out there with no human beings to mess up the pristine snow with dirty boot tracks. So serene and pure. Love it.

Another view of the woods before drinking down the last drop of coffee and getting my day underway. A fourteen mile trip to town to the dentist and library, and then back again to the cabins. It's the 2nd day of January of a new year (2014) and time's a-wastin. Hope you enjoyed the serene moment.

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  1. Not sure what happened but I left one comment and it disappeared. Love this post and especially the photos. I said before your place is always warm and inviting no matter the season. Hugs.