Saturday, December 27, 2014


/Christmas Eve
The SUPER nice thing about doing a blog is that photos and memories can be stored forever and easy to get to just by bringing up the web site. Easy...and simple.

This morning, I'd just like to share a few photographs showing "going home for Christmas" to my mother's house, aka THE FARM. My mom turns 88 on New Year's
Eve. If you'd like, just leave a HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMMENT on my blog site for my mom.

My mother has spent her life cooking and enjoying every minute filling the bellies of friends and loved ones.

 It's Christmas Eve (2014) My brother, Tim, who lives with his wife, Pam, next door to our mom, brings over a cinnamon roll he baked himself (with bacon!) for us to sample. It was delicious! Different, I loved the sweetness of the roll combined with the taste of bacon. Nothing like the taste of bacon. BACON BACON BACON! Seems my brother is continuing a "baking" family tradition.

Tom settles in at mom's on Christmas Eve to read the newspaper. All is calm...all is peace.

At noon, Christmas Day, let the meal begin! My mother's kitchen comes alive with food and family. This is my mom with my son, Eric, and my daughter, Stephanie. Mom's kitchen has always been a gathering place for all the grandchildren.

Eric slices the ham while Steph tastes that first slice. Love this photo!

This is a photo of my niece, Polly, my sister, Barb's daughter. Polly's visiting from Cleveland, along with husband, Ron, and son, Ronan. Love it when the family all gets together.

 Josie, another niece and daughter of my sister, Barb. As you can see, the food line is starting.

And...the dogs, Ebee and Annabelle, dog cousins, getting to know each other.

The Food!!!  One of mom's specialties is homemade chicken and noodles. YUM

Of course, the ham. My mouth is still watering.

The desserts! These need no explanation. At the end of the day: one hundred million calories, for sure.


Ronan and Keegan

A beautiful photo of my son-in-law, Sean, my daughter, Steph, and granddaughter, Tori, with her American Girl doll. Seems like only yesterday, my sister and I were buying Cabbage Patch dolls for Steph, Josie and Polly! Ahhh, the memories.

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas Day post. Blessings to all for a very prosperous and happy NEW YEAR!!! BE SAFE.

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  1. Sher, the photos and memories priceless. Thanks for sharing these. Steph has a lovely family. Tori is a cutie. So enjoyed seeing your mom and everyone having a nice time. Hugs. B

  2. Thank you, Barb! Hope you had a relaxing day with all your kids and grandkids!