Thursday, May 5, 2016


No, we are not turning Amish. Just don't let your husband go to an auction by himself. You never know what he'll bring home. I have to say this charming little Amish buggy is a "keeper." No horse, thank you very much. Just a conversation piece.  Tom and I always love going to Holmes County and taking in the buggies and thinking life would be much simpler in a less progressive community. However, I am partial to modern perks like electricity, indoor plumbing, washing machines, and getting in my car and driving to town in a matter of minutes, not hours. I do love the buggy though.

Mickey just walked through the flower bed to inspect the buggy

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  1. Like the buggy! You could play games with it. You could move it to different locations in the night and when Tom wakes up in the morning, it won't be where he left it. You could also go out and sit in it if you "vant to be alone". Or, it could be a Zen thing--a meditation place. See, the possibilities are endless.

    1. Pam, that's an excellent idea. It would freak him out!! Totally. It does look really cute. Thanks for the post!