Sunday, May 24, 2015


Seems incredible that INN A CABIN is now in its tenth season!! We have had so many wonderful guests over the years and appreciate both the friendships and patronage. Each building on our 50 acres was built by Tom and his vision of making our property a sort of step back in time experience.

The 2015 winter months were rough. We had to keep the cabins closed most of first quarter of the year.
When we returned from a few weeks in Florida in January, this homeless dog  was waiting on our doorstep. He broke our hearts. Mom's sweet Boots (German Shepherd) passed away the summer before, so we thought this little poochie would keep her company. Mom and "Dixie" are now the best of friends!!!
The winter months became the "whining" months. Dragging on and on and on.

This "guy" kept us company. If you've ever seen a Pileated Woodpecker, you know they are enormous and beautiful. His neat little red cap was a joy to see in stark white and brown landscape.

Mickey waiting for spring. Usually the great orange hunter, Mickey spent most of the winter inside looking outside
Tom walking Brutus, our chocolate lab
Of course, the deer came in close to the house, looking for food. They are beautiful, but they do love our garden and flower buds in the spring. We mix up a homemade concoction that we spray on our hostas and rhododendrons. The spray stinks like an outhouse for about an hour after application, but it does work!

And then....spring!!!!

Although this photo was taken a year ago, I wanted to include it in this post. Several researchers found on our property a Red Shouldered Hawk nest. Tom and Matt were thrilled to be able to hold the baby hawks while the researchers tagged them and then returned them to the nest about forty feet up from the ground. As you can see, both Matt and Tom are in awe.

Spring means that a select few clay artisans gather at Logan Clay and begin a two week marathon of creating sculptures to be sold at Lilyfest or donated to local charitable events during the summer months. Hocking County is filled with artisans who give much time and effort to both their craft and community. This particular sculpture is MINE!!! Created by my good friend Jenny Beard who is amazing. I have several of her "pieces" in and around my garden. Can't wait to bring this owl home after it's fired in oven at Logan Clay.

My woodland rock garden with a "Jenny piece" toad house sitting on an old log.

Another example of "Jenny creations" My hens that nest outside my front door. I love these clay pieces of art!!!

And my curled lip frog that greets me every spring morning with his big eyes!

Now, I'm getting nostalgic. Tom built this little tree house many years ago for Steph and Eric. The slide coming down from the tree house was Tom's slide from his childhood. In the fall, the kids used wax paper under their bums and slide down at breakneck speed and into a big pile of leaves. What fun!
Best surprise this spring - two baby owls seen from our back porch. This owl stayed on this limb for almost twenty minutes looking at us and "talking." Yes, talking!! I'm sure he was being friendly.

After seeing these "guys" I kept Mickey in at night. Wasn't sure if they "ate" cats, but wasn't taking any chances.
A mama robin decided to build a nest right outside my kitchen window.

Garden Cabin front porch

Garden Cabin Sitting Area
Mill Cabin living room
Mill Cabin dining area in kitchen

Mill Cabin patio
INN A CABIN   To all of you from Tom and Sherry at Inn A Cabin in the Woods! Enjoy the summer and remember this... "Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." anonymous

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